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his brother Edmund, that, if any reverse should happen to him in this expedition, he should bring back his body to be buried in St. Cuthbert's church. After this he defeated Osvvin, King of Cumberland, and Constantine, King of the Scots, and with a fleet and army ravaged and subdued the whole of Scotland.

Battle of Brunanburgh. § 17. In the fourth year after these events, which was Battle of the nine hundred and thirty-seventh of our Lord's nativity, he fought at Weondune, otherwise called Ettrunnanwerc, or Brunnanbyrig, against Onlaf, son of the former King Guthred, who had invaded the country in six hundred and fifteen ships, and had engaged against Ethelstan the help of the above-named kings of the Scots and Cumbrians. But the king, trusting to St. Cuthbert's protection, defeated their countless host, expelled those kings from his dominions, and crowning his army with victory, showed himself terrible to his enemies, but peaceable to his friends, and finally departed this life in peace, leaving to Edmund, his brother, the sovereignty of his dominions. In the third year of this king, Wigred, having held his bishopric seventeen years, died, and was succeeded by Uthred. Meanwhile, King Edmund also, on his way to Scotland, visited the tomb of St. Cuthbert, in order to obtain his protection; and, like his brother Ethelstan of old, made royal presents of gold and mantles, and confirmed his laws as they were when they were the most favourable.

§ 18. On the death of Bishop Uthred, Sexhelm was ordained in his place.AD. 947. But he had hardly held the episcopal see a few months, when he was expelled from it by Cuthbert himself. For he turned aside from the path of his predecessors, and, instigated by avarice, afflicted the saint's people, and those who served in his church; wherefore the saint appeared to him in a dream, and told him to depart as speedily as he could. But as he did not do so, the saint appeared to him again the second night, and threatened him with severe punish-