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piously for the future, according to the command of his bishop.A.D. 1042

§ 25. After Egilric, Egelwin became bishop; and Judith, daughter of Baldwin, Count of Flanders, and wife of Tosti, Count of Northumberland, a good and religious woman, who greatly loved St. Cuthbert, made many presents to ornament his church, and promised to give still more, together with much land, if she might be allowed to enter the church and visit his tomb. But when she found herself unable to do so bold a deed herself, she sent one of her maids beforehand at night. The maid was just about to enter the burying-place, when she was thrown back, as if by the violence of the wind, and fainted. At length, having returned with much difficulty to the house, she fell on her bed, and never recovered, but died soon afterwards. The countess was terribly frightened at this occurrence; and for satisfaction, she and her husband ordered an image of the crucifix, another of the Mother of God, and a third of Saint John the Evangelist, to be made; and when they had adorned them with gold and silver, they gave them and many other presents to adorn the church.

§ 26. Nor must I omit to mention the miracles of the holy father which have been wrought in our own days. In the reign of our late religious King Edward, a miracle happened similar to those which I have mentioned, by which, through the punishment of one man's presumption, many were deterred from the like. For whilst the well-known Count Tosti was ruling the county of Northumberland, a certain bad fellow, named Haldanhamal, was seized by him and placed in fetters. This man had committed many thefts, robberies, murders, and burnings; and though he had often offended the count, yet he never before could be taken. His parents and friends, in compassion for his case, offered large presents to the count if he would exempt him from punishment; and promised still more. But because