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The First Age

years before the birth of Enos, and 707 afterwards,Enos is interpreted man Enos sgnifies Man. of whom it is well said, "began to call on the name of the Lord;" for it is the peculiar property of mankind to remember their own frailty and to invoke the aid of their Maker; at least of all such as live in the faith of Christ, and rejoice to become sons of the resurrection.

A.M. 325 [625].

Enos lived 90 years and begat Cainan, after which he lived 815. But the Septuagint makes it 190 years before the birth of Cainan, and 715 afterwards.

A.M. 395 [795].

Cainan was 70 years old when he begat Malaleel, after whose birth he lived 840 years. The Septuagint allows 170 years before Malaleel's birth, and 740 afterwards.

A.M. 460 [960].

Malaleel lived 65 years and begat Jareth; after which he lived 830 years. The Septuagint gives 165 years before Jareth's birth, and 730 afterwards.

A.M. 622 [1122].

Jareth lived 162 years and begat Enoch, after whose Book of birth he lived 800 years.Book of Enoch suprious. In this generation there is no discrepancy between the copies. We learn from the Apostle St. Jude that this Enoch composed some divine writings. But, as St. Augustine says: "It is not in vain that they are not found in that canon of the Holy Scriptures, which was preserved by the care of succeeding priests in the temple of the Hebrew people, but that they are considered for their antiquity of doubtful authenticity, nor can it be discovered, whether these are what he wrote or not." Wherefore what now passes under his name, and contains those fables about the