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The Fourth Age.

ning was good, his end most evil. At the beginning he repaired the temple; in the end, among other enormities, he ordered Zacharias, son of Jehoiada, who formerly preserved him, and restored his kingdom, to be stoned between the temple and the altar. This man is for his worth styled by our Lord, in the Gospel, the son of Barachias, or the blessed Lord. Aremuliis Sylvius, the twelfth king of the Latins, and son of Agrippa, the former king, reigned 19 years: he placed a garrison of Albans among the mountains where Rome now stands. His son was Julius, the great grandfather of Julius Proculus, who, migrating with Romulus to Rome, became the founder of the Julian family.

A.M. 3140 [4477].

Amaziah, son of Joash, reigned 29 years. Elisha the prophet died, and was buried in Samaria. Hazael, king of Syria, afflicted Israel. Aventinus Sylvius, thirteenth king of the Latins, and elder son of Aremulus, the former king, reigned 37 years, and died and was buried on that hill which is now part of the city, and to which he gave an imperishable name.

A.M. 3192 [4529].

Azariah, who is also called Uzziah, son of Amaziah, reigned 52 years. Thonosconcoleros, whose name in Greek is Sardanapalus. Sardanapalus, the thirty-sixth king of the Assyrians, built Tarsus and Anchiale; he was conquered in battle by Arbaces the Mede, and destroyed himself by fire. Up to this time history records that there were kings of Assyria for a period of 1197 years. The whole period from the first year of Ninus is computed to be 1240 years. Procas Sylvius, fourteenth king of the Latins, and son of Aventinus, the former king, reigned 23 years. After him, Amulius Sylvius, the fifteenth king, reigned 44 years. Arbaces. Arbaces the Mede destroyed the Assyrian empire, and transferred the domi-