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The Fifth Age.

Xerxes reigned 2 months; and after him Sogdianus Plato. reigned 7 months. Plato is born. HippocratesHippocrates is an illustrious physician.

A.M. 3548 [4896].

Darius. [A.M. 3580 B.C. 42]Darius, surnamed Nothus, reigned 19 years. Egypt revolted from the Persians. The Jews, after their return from captivity, were governed not by kings, but by the high priests, until Aristobulus, who with the priestly dignity began to usurp the regal title also.

A.M. 3588 [4936].

Artaxerxes Mnemon. [A.M. 3599 B.C. 405.] Artaxerxes, surnamed Mnemon, son of Darius and Parysatis, reigned 40 years. The history of Esther belongs to his reign, since he is called Ahasuerus by the Hebrews, and Artaxerxes by the Seventy. The Athenians increased their alphabet from sixteen to twenty-four letters. The Carthaginians carried on a famous war. The Senogalli, under Brennus,Brennnus sacks Rome. assaulted Rome, and, except the Capitol-, burnt the whole, and sacked it for six months. The consuls gave place to military tribunes. Aristotle Aristotle, at the age of eighteen, became a pupil of Plato.

A.M. 3614 [4962].

[A.M. 3645. B.C. 359.] Ochus.Artaxerxes, who is also called Ochus, reigned 26 years. He united Egypt to his empire, and drove Nectanebus, its king, into Ethiopia, with whom perished the Egyptian monarchy. Demosthenes. Demosthenes the orator is universally celebrated. The Romans conquer the Gauls. Plato dies. [B.C 348.] Plato dies, and is succeeded in the Academy by Speusippus.

A.M. 3618 [4966].

Jaddua, the High Preist. Arses, son of Ochus, reigned 4 years. Jaddua, the Pontiff of the Jews, is an illustrious man: his brother Manasses built a temple on Mount Gerizim. Speusippus