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office for eight years, he left it to his son John. He the Fifth made war with the Hyrcani, whence he received the name of Hyrcanus; and on his application he was, by a decree of the Senate, enrolled among the friends of the Roman people. He besieged Samaria, and took it and levelled it to the ground; it was afterwards rebuilt by Herod, and named by him Sebaste, in compliment to Augustus.

A.M. 3855 [5203].

Ptolemey Physcon
[A.M. 3859 B.C. 145]
Ptolemy Physcon, who is also called Physcon, reigned 17 years. M.T Cicero born.Cicero is born at Arpinum: his mother was named Helvia; his father was of equestrian rank, of the royal family of the Volsci. Hyrcanus, after holding the priesthood twenty-six years, is succeeded by Aristobulus Astrobulus. for one year, who, equally king and high priest, first assumed the diadem among the Jews 484 years after the Babylonish captivity. After him reigned Jannæus Jannæus, surnamed Alexander, for 27 years; he also held the priesthood, and ruled with excessive cruelty.[1]

A.M. 3865 [5213].

Ptolemy, who is also named Alexander Ptolemy Alexander, reigned 10 years. In the seventh year of his reign, Philip and Gabinus were taken prisoners, and Syria fell under the Roman sway. Ptolemy Physcon was driven from Egypt by his mother Cleopatra Cleopatra., and retired into Cyprus.

A.M. 3873 [5221].

Ptolemy, who had been driven out by his mother Ptolemy Lathyrus, returned after an exile of eight years, and obtained the kingdom; the people having driven out Alexander, his predecessor, for slaying his mother Sylla Sylla spoils the Athenians.

  1. Ptolemy Physcon died A.M. 3887, B.C. 117, and was succeeded by his son Ptolemy Lathyrus, who was driven from Egypt by his mother Cleopatra.