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The Sixth Age

Asianus, and Dionysius are esteemed illustrious bishops; the former of Hierapolis, the latter of Corinth.

A.M. 4144 [198].

[A.D. 180]
Lucius Antoninus Commodus reiorned 13 years after his father's death. He warred with success against the Germans; but, a slave to luxury and obscenity, he manifested nothing of his father's virtue and piety. Irenæus
[A.D. 174]
Irenæus, bishop of Lyons, is a man worthy of note. Commodus ordered the head of the Colossus to be taken off, and an image of his own to be placed on it.

A.M. 4145 [194].

Ælius PertinaxÆlius Pertinax reigned 6 months. He is slain in the palace by the wickedness of Julian, a lawyer, whom, in the seventh month of his reign, Severus conquered in war, and slew at the Milvian Bridge. Victor, the thirteenth bishop of Rome, ordained, by letters widely circulated,Easter Sunday fixed that Easter should be kept on the Lord's day Easter which occurs between the fifteenth and twenty-first day of the moon of the first month, in conformity with his predecessor Eleutherus: in favour of whose decrees, Theophilus, bishop of Caesarea in Palestine, together with other bishops present at the same Council, wrote a synodical and very useful letter against such as celebrate Easter on the 14th day of the moon, like the Jews.

A.M. 4163 [212].

[A.D. 195.]
Severus Pertinax reigned 18 years. Clementus AlexandrinusClement, a presbyter of the church at Alexandria, and Pantsenus, a Stoic clemkns philosopher, are deemed most eloquent and subtle in disputation respecting our religion. Narcissus, Bishop of Jerusalem, Theophylus of Cæsarea, Polycarp and Bachylus, bishops of the churches of Asia, deserve particular notice. During a persecution of the Christians, very many in various provinces attained the crown of martyrdom, among whom was Leonides, father of Origen. Clodius Albinus, who had proclaimed himself Cæsar