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The Sixth Age

he also found out the sedecennal cycle of Easter, acting on which hint, Eusebius brought out the decennovenal cycle.

A.M. 4188 [237].

[A.D. 222.]
Aurelius Alexander reigned 18 years. He was singularly dutiful to his mother Mammea, and was on that account beloved by all. Urbanus, bishop of Rome, persuaded many of the nobles to faith in Christ, and to bear their testimony.Origen Origen of Alexandria is famous throughout the whole world; Mammea, the mother of Alexander, was anxious to hear him, and sent for him to Antioch, with signal marks of honour.

A.M. 4191 [240].

MaximMaximin reigned 8 years. He persecutes the priests and clergy, that is, the teachers of the churches, principally on account of Christiana, the wife of Alexander, his predecessor, and the family of Mammea, his mother, and especially on account of Origen, the presbyter. Pontian and Anther, bishops of Rome, were crowned with martyrdom, and buried in the tomb of Callistus.

A.M. 4197 [246].

[A.D. 238]
Gordian reigned 6 years.Julius AfricanusJulius Africanus is famous Gordian. among ecclesiastical writers; he alleges in his Chronicies, that he hastened to Alexandria, emulous of the fame of Heraclas, a man deeply versed in divine and philosophic studies, and Grecian learning of every kind. Origen, at Cæsarea in Palestine, imbued with divine philosophy the youthful brothers, Theodorus, surnamed Gregory, and Athenodorus, who afterwards were most worthy bishops of Pontus.

A.M. 4204 [258].

Philip the first Christian Emporer.
[A.D. 243]
Philip, with his son of the same name, reigned 7 years. He was the first Christian emperor; and with the third year of his reign was completed the 1000th