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The Sixth Age

In the council at Nice, the Catholic faith is set forth, during the consulate of Paulinus and Julian, Council of Nice.
[A.D. 325.]
being the council of 636th year after Alexander, on the 19th day of the month Desius, according to the Greeks, which is the 13th day of the calends of July.The Emperor builds churches. Constantine built at Rome, where he was baptized, a church to the blessed John the churches. Baptist, which was named the church of Constantine; also a church to the blessed Peter in the temple of Apollo, and another to the blessed Paul, and encased each with Cyprian brass to the height of five feet; he built another in the Sessorian Palace, which he named the Jerusalem church, and where he put a fragment of our Lord's cross; also a church to the holy martyr Agnes, at the request of his daughter, and a baptistery in the same place, where his sister Constantia was baptized together with his daughter Augusta; also a church to the blessed martyr Laurence in the Via Tiburtina in the field of Verus; also one in the Via Lavicana, between two laurels, to the blessed martyrs Peter and Marcellinus; and a mausoleum, in which he laid his mother in a purple sarcophagus; also a church to the blessed Apostles Peter and Paul, and John the Baptist, in the town of Hostia, nigh to the port of the city of Rome; also a church to St. John the Baptist in the town of Alba; also a church in the city of Neapolis; he also rebuilt the town of Drepana in Bithynia, in honour of the martyr Lucian, who was buried there, and called it Helenopolis after his mother's name; he also built a city in ThraceConstantinople.
[A.D. 328.]
, which he called after his own name, purposing that it should be the seat of the Roman empire, and the capital of the whole East; Pagan Temples closed.
[A.D. 331.]
he also ordered the pagan temples to be closed, which was effected without any bloodshed.

A.M. 4314 [363].

Constantius, Constantine, and Constans Constantius, with his brothers Constantine and Constans, reigned 24 years, 5 months, and 13 days. James