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The Sixth Age

in the lifetime of Gratian, reigned 11 years more after his death.Tehodosisus and Valentinian slay Maximus. Himself and Valentinian, whom he had hospitably entertained on his expulsion from Italy, slay the tyrant Maximus at the third milestone from Aquileia. As Maximus had spoiled Britain of almost all its armed youth and military power, which had followed him into Gaul, and never more returned home, the barbarous transmarine nations, the Scots from the West, and the Picts from the North, seeing the island denuded of its strength, invade and miserably ravage it for many years.[1] St. Jerome.Jerome, the expositor of sacred history, writes a book on the worthies of the church,Death of Theodosius.
[A.D. 395.]
and brought it down to the fourteenth year of the reign of Theodosius.

A.M. 4362 [411].

Arcadius and Honorius.Arcadius, son of Theodosius, reigned with his brother Honorius 13 years.[2] The relics of Abacuc and Micha.The bodies of the Holy Prophets Abacuc and Micha are brought to light by divine revelation. The Goths invade Italy, the Vandals and Alans Gaul. Innocent, bishop of Rome, consecrated the church of the most blessed martyrs Gervase and Protasius, built by the testamentary bounty of a devout and noble lady named Vestma. Pelagian Heresy
[A.D. 405.]
Pelagius, a Briton, impugns the grace of God.

A.M. 4377 [426].

Honorius, with Theodosius the younger, his brother's son, reigned 15 years.Alaric, King of the Goths.
[A.D. 410.]
Alaric, king of the Goths, attacked Rome, and burned part of it with fire, on the
  1. See Bede's Ecclesiastical History, Book I. Chap. I,, for the origin of the Picts and Scots.
  2. See Bede's Ecclesiastical History, Book I. Chap. X., "The following was the division of the Empire between the brothers. Honorius, in the West, ruled over Italy, Gaul, Spain, and Britain; to which were added the Provinces of Noricum, Pannonia, and Dalmatia. Arcadius, in the East, governed Thrace, Asia Minor, Syria and Egypt, and the country from the Lower Danube, to the confines of Persia and Æthiopia. Illyrium was divided between the two princes."—Gibbon, Chap. XXIX.