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The Sixth Age

said council was held in the 9th year of the reign of Constantine, in the month of October, in the 8th indiction. On the ordination of Pope Vitalian, Constantine made an offering to the blessed Apostle Peter of the four Gospels in goldMagnificent copy of four Gospels, set with brilliants, of an extraordinary size. After some years, in the 9th indiction, he came to Rome himself, and presented on the altar of the same church a pall of gold cloth, while his whole army filled the building Eclipse of the sun. A.D. 664. holding wax tapers. In the following year was an eclipse of the sun at the 10th hour of the 5th day of the nones of May, within the memory of this generation. Archbishop Theodore and Abbot Adrian arrive in Britan, A.D. 669.Theodore,[1] an archbishop, and Adrian, an abbot of equal erudition, were sent by Vitalian into Britain, where they greatly improved the discipline of the church by ecclesiastical doctrine. Constantine murdered. Constantine, after many un-heard of depredations committed on the provinces, was murdered in his bath; and not long after Vitalian departed to heaven.

A.M. 4639 [688].

Constantine, son of the former emperor of that name, reigned 17 years.The Saracens invade Scily. The Saracens invade Sicily, and return to Alexandria laden with immense booty. Pope Agatho, at the request of Constantine, Heraclius, and Tiberius, three most pious princes, with a view to the unity of God's holy churches, sent his legates to the metropolis, and among them John, at that time deacon, and not long afterwards bishop of the Church of Rome. These were most graciously received by Constantine, a very devout defender of the catholic faith, and by him exhorted to lay aside philosophical disputations, and in peaceful convents to inquire touching the true faith; and for this purpose he supplied them out of the library of Constantinople with all the writings of the ancient fathers which they required.The Council of Constantinople under Pope Agatho. Moreover there were present 150 bishops, under the presidency of George,
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