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William The Conqueror, 211; goes with an army to York. 211; reutrns with his army from Scotland to Durham, 215; sends an army to avenge the death of Bishop Walcher. 216.
Witmaer. Abbot. 97; death of, 101.
Wonders at the World, 155.


Xenocrates, 249.
Xerxes, 245, 246.
Xistus. Bishop of Rome. 267, 278.


York occupied by the danes, 183; taken by Reingwald, 197; William the Conqueror enters, 211; made an Archiepiscopal, See, 284.


Zedekiah, 241; taken into Captivity, 241.
Zeno, 280.
Zeuxis, 247.