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lent by the President, Mgr. Hilton for the purpose. This, however, is not put forward as complete, for during the eighteenth century the records of the College seem to have been much neglected, and many documents lost. The names of many students have been inserted in this list who, having spent some years at Lisbon College, left for various reasons without taking the oath, and therefore cannot strictly be called Alumni, yet who always considered Lisbon to be their Alma Mater. On the other hand, the names of many students who left without taking Orders, and whose subsequent history has not been traced or has been deemed unimportant, have been purposely omitted.

I may be allowed to avail myself of this opportunity to tender my thanks to the Superiors of the College and others for the assistance which they have readily afforded me, es pecially to the Right Rev. President, Monsignor Hilton, who most kindly gave me access to the Annals of the College, thus enabling me to bring its history down to the present time.