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Huncote, Co. Lancaster, which returned a pedigree at Dugdale s Visitation in 1664. His mother was probably a daughter of Wm. Halliwell, of Liverpool, gent., whose family was allied with those of Nelson of Fairhurst, Molyneux of The Wood, and others of the Lancashire squirearchy. Admitted Aug. 17, 1727, on Dr. Thos. Godden's Fund; ord. priest Feb. 17, 1737; appointed prefect of studies Mar. 31, 1738; vice-president Oct. 31, 1739; and left the College for England Jan. 31, 1741. For a brief period he was stationed at Bunbury and Spurston, co. Chester, but left mission in the same year for Claughton Hall, Lancashire, where he died Jan. 26, 1742-3. He used the alias of Halliwell on the mission.

BISHOP, Francis, vide Victor.

BISSAGER, Isaac, alias John, admitted March 28, 1764, on Dr. Thos. Godden's Fund; died in the College, May 26, 1769.

BIX, Nicholas, probably a near relative of the two English Franciscans of his name; alumnus Nov. 30, 1697 ord. priest; sent England Dec. 22, 1702.

BLACKBURNE, Richard, vide Taylor.

BLACKLOE, Thomas, vide White.

BLACOE, Christopher, vide Tootell.

BLACOE, Joseph, alias Walton, of Lancashire; alumnus March 30, 1697; Priest; left for mission Jan. 24, 1703; died in Bedfordshire, Apr. 2, 1740.

BLEASDALE, John I., admitted Mar. 22, 1836; alumnus May 15, 1842; ord. priest; left Apr. 7, 1843; at Bishop's House, Northampton, 1843-5 Weedon, 1845-7 Aylesbury, 1847-8; Wolverton, 1848-50. Died in Australia.

BLEVIN, James, baptized by Rev. Robert Morgan, Sept. 18, 1732, son of Richard Blevin of London, and his wife Jane Amerstone; admitted on the Thatcher Fund, Aug. n, 1745; alumnus Dec. 19, 1750; minor orders Sept. 19, 1755. His brother William became an alumnus of Douay College at the age of 24, in his second year s philosphy, Dec. 28, 1758. One of these brothers either succeeded the Rev. Jas. Barnard at Cowdray, Sussex, or attended to that mission from Easebourne for some years before 1779, when the Rev. Richard Antrobus recommenced the register at Easebourne.

BLOUNT, Gilbert, born in Shropshire, son of James Blount,