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no benefit had not Mr. Tompion, accidentally informed of the inventor s name, made him a present of £200. But Mr. Barlow's scientific invention was not confined to clocks and watches. He constructed many most ingenious water and other engines in various places in Lancashire, which were eagerly copied and afterwards improved upon by others.

For very many years before his death, Mr. Barlow was grand-vicar (or vicar-general) for the Lancashire district, and in this position was greatly respected. He was a zealous missioner, and worked inestimable good in the neighbourhood of Park Hall, Strangeways, and Hindley. The regularity of his life, his mortified appetite, and his com passion for the poor–to whom he conformed in his dress–were, indeed, truly apostolic. "Tho always poor," says Dodd, "he always found means to relieve those that were in necessity." He died at Park Hall, Sept. 19, 1719, aged 79. He published: "A Treatise of the origin of Springs, Wind, and the flux and reflux of the Sea. With Explanatory Maps." Lond. 1714, 8°. "Meteorological Essays." Lond. 1715, 8°. "An Exact Survey of the Tide, explicating its production and propagation, variety and anomaly in all parts of the. World," &c. Lond. 1717, 2 vols. 8vo., with 12 curious maps. 2nd edition, Lond. 1722, 8vo., in 2 parts. He also left in MS., " A Treatise of the Eucharist," 3 vols. 4to.

BOOTH, John, alumnus July 12, 1693; ord. priest July 1, 1696; sent England Dec. 4, 1697; for some years resided at Cliffe Hall, near Stockton-on-Tees, a seat of the Witham s, where died Oct. 1, 1722.

BRADLEY, Peter, vide Winder.

BRADLEY, Thomas, vide Wright.

BRAILSFORD, Peter, admitted on John Woolfe's Fund; alumnus March 30, 1697; ord. priest and sent mission; died at Hampton, Middlesex, seat of Hon. Mrs. Porter, Dec. 2, 1734.

BRAIN, Charles, admitted Sept. 28, 1881, left Jan. 1, 1884; went to Oscott, June 5, 1885, and ord. priest Dec. 21, 1890; now at Chasetown, Walsall.

BRANNIGAN, Martin, admitted Oct. 10, 1884; ord. priest Dec. 22, 1894; left Apr. 25, 1895, for Harrow-road, London; now Walthamstow.