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CROSS, Rowland, and his brother Thomas became alumni Nov. 9 and Nov. 8, 1692, respectively.

CROUCHER, Christopher, born, and baptized by Rev. Richard Kendal, Feb. 21, 1733, son of Ralph Croucher, of Midhurst, Sussex; admitted on the Godden Fund, March 17, 1746; ord. priest March 20, 1757; became vice-president by nomination of Bishops Benj. Petre and Rich. Challoner, Nov. 27, 1759; died in the College, Aug. 7, 1765.

CURTIS, Peter, vide Clarence.

CUTAJAR, Henry, admitted Nov. 13, 1869; alumnus April 5, 1878; left Jan. 1880; ord. priest Mar. 12, 1881; now at Stoke Newington, London.

DANBY, John, a native of Yorkshire; alumnus Apr. 17, 1688; ord. priest, Dec. 21, 1689; sent England, Jan. 2, 1693; living on the mission in Yorkshire in July, 1698.

DANIEL, Edward, vide Pickford.

DANIEL, George, born Apr. 23, 1802, son of Charles and Elizabeth Daniel, was baptised at Aston, Staffordshire, by Rev. Mr. Maraih; went Sedgley Park School, 1814; admitted July u, 1816; returned to England in ill-health, and after a few days died piously in London.

DARCY, Francis, son of Francis Darcy, of Northamptonshire, admitted Nov. 16, 1652.

DAVIES, Peter Augustine, born at Great Crosby, Lancashire, 1812; went Sedgley Park School; admitted Nov. 9, 1826; alumnus Dec. 8, 1834; ord. priest 1839, and retained as professor; left July 6, 1847, and placed at Walsall till 1848; professor of theology at Oscott College, Nov. 1848-Mid., 1849, thence Sedgley Park School till 1850; Stoke-upon-Trent, 1850-1; SS. Peter & Paul, Wolverhampton, 1851-3; Bilston, 1853-63; Bloxwich, where erected new church and schools, 1863-85; retired to his relatives at Liverpool, and died at his sister's at Bootle, Nov. 16, 1891, aged 78.

DAVIS, George, born Jan. 6, 1786, son of Pranzelo and Jane Davis, of London, and baptized conditionally by Rev. Wm. Fryer; went to Sedgley Park School, 1797; admit. May 1, 1809; left ——.

DAVIS, John, born Oct. 7, 1837; went Sedgeley Park 1847-50; admitted July 16, 1850; ord. priest Dec. 27, 1862; left April 25, 1863; at Fitzroy-sq. 1863-4; at Ogle-street