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pronounced Ducket, which hitter form was adopted by the family some time before its removal to Claughton in the 18th century; admitted Jan. 14, 1847; alumnus Nov. 30, 1853; ordained priest; received the degree of D.D., through the nuncio from Rome, and retained as a professor till 1876, when came to St. John s, Norwich, where still remains.

DUNFORD, John, admitted Dec. 13, 1881; alumnus Feb. 28, 1889; ord. priest, Dec. 17, 1892; left March 9, 1893; now at Lincoln's-Inn-Fields.

DUVALL, Edward, vide Bridges.

DYMOCK, Robert, vide Heywood.

EDEN, James, of an ancient family seated at West Auckland, co. Durham, after studying Latin and Greek classics in England, was admitted under alias of Clare, 1683; took the College oath and gown in his first year's divinity, Sept. 7, 1686, but was afterwards expelled for misconduct. Then went to Watten in Flanders, the novitiate of the English Jesuits, who sent him to the English College at Rome, where admitted by Father Ant. Lucas, S.J., the rector, Jan. 10, 1689, and in March, 1690, was ord. priest. Having taken the oath of Pope Alex. VII. at Lisbon, a dispensation was obtained, and he entered the Society, but was afterwards ejected. This is one of the many names omitted from Bro. Foley s version of the Diary of the English College, Rome.

EDEN, William Martin, admitted Feb., 1865; alumnus Feb, 22, 1866; ord. priest, and a superior until death, Jan. 20, 1894.

EDWARDS, Robert, son of Edward ap David and his wife Elizabeth Clough, of Denbigh; admitted June 13, 1660; ord. priest Sept. 8, 1664; became professor of philosophy May i, 1670, and prefect of studies Jan. i, 1671; came to the English mission; elected by the Old Chapter archdeacon of North Wales, Dec. 8, 1671; died 1685 in Flintshire, probably at Upper Bettisfield Hall, parish of Hanmer, a seat of the Fowlers.

EGERTON, John, of an ancient Cheshire family; alumnus Jan. 9, diaconate Jan. 10, 1672; ord. priest; sent Eng land, May 3, 1677.

ELLIS, Humphrey, vide Waring.

ELLIS, William, vide Edward Waring.

ERRINGTON, William, a native of Yorkshire, admitted