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Showley Hall, Lancashire, seat of the Walmesleys, with Bishop Francis Petre; removed to Stydd Lodge, Ribchester, when the chapel was erected there in 1789, resigned charge of mission in 1805, but continued at Stydd Lodge till death, Nov. i, 1813.

FITTER, Daniel, born in Worcestershire, 1628, son of William and Margaret Fitter, of Wolverhampton, co. Stafford, gent.; admitted Nov. 24, 1647, under alias of Fisher; alumnus Dec. 12, and ord. priest Dec. 24, 1651; left March 23, 1654; chaplain to the Fowlers at St. Thomas Priory, near Stafford; elected Vicar-general for Staffordshire, Cheshire, and Salop, by the Chapter, April 18, 1687; opened school in Stafford temp. James II; first provincial president and procurator of The Institute, dissolved after his death in 1702; died at St. Thomas Priory, Feb. 7, 1699-1700, aged 72, and buried with the Fowlers at Baswick church.

FITTER, Francis, born 1622, brother of Daniel, q.v., made his rudimentary studies at Wolverhampton; admitted under alias of Fisher, Dec. 7, 1640; alumnus July 25, 1641; ord. priest July 30, 1645; left for England via Holland, April 3, 1647 5 stationed at Oulton, Stafford shire, seat of his brother-in-law, Mr. Cross; elected archdeacon of the Chapter, May 5, 1665, which he later resigned; joined The Institute; died at Oulton, Oct. 11, 1710, aged 88. Established "Johnson s Fund," for sick and disabled clergy of the Midland District, with money left by his brother Daniel to the Institute, but in which he had a life interest.

FITZHERBERT, John, alias Brooke, born Oct. 31, 1645, sixth son of William Fitzherbert, of Swynnerton Hall, co. Stafford, Esq., by Anne, dau. of Sir Basil Brooke, of Madeley, co. Salop, Knt.; admitted Sept. 28, 1659, ran away in 1662, but returned, and died in the College, Oct. 7, 1677, aged almost 32.

FITZHERBERT, Robert, born 1629, son of Francis Fitzherbert, of Tissington Hall, co. Derby, Esq., ancestor of the baronets of that name, after studying in England came to Lisbon at the age of 18; admitted under the alias of Eyre, Aug. 15, 1647 ord. priest T 3ec. 25, 1651, left for England, March 14, 1652, and became chaplain to Mr. Dravcott, of Pavnslev Hall, co. Stafford. He was a