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and became a convert; admitted on the Thatcher Fund, Jan. 22, and became alumnus Sept. 28, 1723; ord. priest; sent England, Sept. 6, 1727, and appointed chaplain at Fithler s, Essex; was missioner at Havant, Hants, in 1734, and was exercising his functions, Apr. 1, 1742, about which time he wrote "A Memorial of a Clerical and a Missionary Life," MS.; died in London, July 16, 1752.

FRYER, James, born at Norton, Somersetshire, Sept., 1772, brother to William Victor, q.v., went to Sedgley Park School, 1782; admitted P^eb. 22, 1785, on John Woolfe s Second Fund; died a student in the College.

FRYER, William, born 1739, of an ancient family in Somersetshire, arrived at Douay College, Mav 12, 1760, where had been preceded by his brother John, on March 25, and was followed by his brother Charles on June 23; though grown up, the brothers were placed in third class rudiments, the lowest school in the College; on Aug. 14, 1766, William and Charles took the college oath, but the former had to leave for a time on account of illhealth; he returned, and at end of his third year s theology, being then in subdeacon s orders, left the college Sept., 16, 1770; first went to London, and was ordained by Bp. Challoner, then proceeded to Valladolid as Vice- president, an office which he held for twelve years, when came via Paris and London to Lisbon, and installed president, 1782. Died in the College, Aug. 15, 1805, aged 66.

FRYER, William Victor, born July 28, 1768, son of James Fryer and his wife Mary Langley, of Bath, co. Somerset, and nephew to President Fryer; admitted June 8, 1782; ord. priest, and left for England, 1796; many years first chaplain at the Portuguese chapel, South-street, London, and after its closure, acted as chaplain to the Comtesse de Front; died in his own house in South-street, Sept. 6, 1844, aged 76.

FUCHTER, William, admitted; ord. priest Feb. 24, 1895; left for Chatham; now at Wandsworth, London.

GADD, Charles, Joseph, born May 17, 1838, son of Thomas Gadd and his wife Anne Hill, of Salford; admitted Aug. 1, 1851; alumnus Dec. 7, 1859; left Jan. 2, 1860; went Ushaw College, ord. priest at the cathedral, Salford,