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3, 1667; took oath of alumni Jan. 9, 1672. Presumably came on the mission, as he established a Fund at the College.

WOOLFREY, Norbert, admit. May 13, 1866; ord. priest Dec. 22, 1877; left Feb. 10, 1878; now at Liskeard, Cornwall.

WORTHY, Francis, alumnus Apr. 17, 1688; ord. priest Nov. n, 1691; left for England, 1692.

WOTTON, George, vide Jerningham.

WRIGHT, Edmund, admitted as a convictor June 26, 1700; left with his brother, Paul, Sept. 20, 1703.

WRIGHT, Joseph, born in London, 1851; went Sedgley Park School, 1866-8; admit. Nov. 11, 1868; left July 28, 1873; went St. Thomas' Sem. and ord. priest Dec. 18, 1875; at The Orphanage, Blackheath, 1876-84; entered the Society of Jesus at Manresa, Roehampton, 1884-5; St. Beuno's Coll., St. Asaph, 1885-7; St. Walburge's, Preston, 1887-90; Manresa, 1890; Glasgow, 1891; Wimbledon College, 1891-5; went out to Grahamstown, South Africa, to recuperate his health, 1895-6; Blackpool, Oct., 1896, till death Apr. 6, 1897, aged 46.

WRIGHT, Paul, admit, as a convictor, Oct. 23, 1700; left with his brother, Edmund, Sept. 20, 1703.

WRIGHT, Thomas, born 1647, son of John Wright, and his wife Eliz. Somerset, of London; admitted as a convictor under the alias of Bradley, March 12, 1659.

WYCHE, George, alumnus 1697; ord. priest and sent to England; a priest of this name succeeded Mr. Pierce Parry, at Claxby, co. Lincoln, in 1762.

WYNNE, Hugh, son of William Parry Wynne, of Flint; alumnus, under alias of Parry, June 29, 1636; ord. priest Apr. 10, 1640; sent England, Sept. 7, 1644.

YATES, Richard, ord. priest; left for the mission, Apr. 29, 1674.

YOUNGE, Thomas, admitted July 1, 1670; ord. priest and left for the mission, Apr. 10, 1681; served under the alias of Brooks in Lancashire, probably his native county; was at Orrell, near Wigan, in 1699, when he purchased five acres of land at Crossbrook, Orrell, upon which he erected a large house and chapel; died there about May, 1714.