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sent to complete their Course in a College of Oratorians in France, on which occasion it was proposed to Dr. Russell to remain sometime longer at the College, then to prepare himself to receive Holy Orders, and proceed on to the Mission. Fearful, however, of undertaking the weighty charge of the priesthood without being duly qualified, he chose rather to try to gain admission into Douay. He accordingly made his way thither in 1654, and was received. He afterwards finished his Theology in Paris where he was ordained priest. Having thus obtained the end for which he left Lisbon, he returned by direction of his Superiors in 1655, and undertook the office of Procurator to the College.

Whilst in this occupation he received an intimation from the Chapter to return to England in 1657, in obedience to which he embarked the same year in the suite of Dom Francisco de Mello, Ambassador from the Court of Lisbon to Charles II. During the voyage the pious behaviour of Dr. Russell drew upon him the notice of his fellow travellers, and in particular that of the Ambassador, who on his arrival in England, requested and obtained leave from the Chapter to retain him in his family. During the three years and a half that Dom Francisco remained in England, Dr. Russell, from his perfect acquaintance with the Portuguese tongue, was enabled to render the most important services to the Embassy. He returned with the Ambassador to Lisbon in 1660, and was presented to the Queen Donna Louisa, who received him with the most flattering distinction and grateful acknowledgment of "his singular diligence and fidelity in promoting the interests of her kingdom."

A gift of one thousand and eighty crowns and a pension of twenty-five guineas a month, with the title of Secretary to the Queen, was conferred upon him. He returned to England the same year and, after being chiefly instrumental in settling the marriage between Charles and the Infanta Catharine, performed the nuptial ceremony.