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his Lordship to make very considerable advances of money in favour of the College. He at the same time induced the Bishop to give his consent to a change of President, for though he entertained the greatest respect and esteem for Dr. Gerard Barnard, and considered him entitled to the eternal gratitude of the College for the services he had rendered, yet in its present circumstances he saw that a President possessing businesss qualifications was imperatively needed, rather than one eminent, as was Dr. Barnard, for his literary and intellectual acquirements.

The person selected by Bishop Challoner for the Presidency was the Rev. James Barnard, who arrived in Lisbon prior to Allen s return. The rapid improvements and almost entire reconstruction of the edifice which followed, were in a great measure brought about by Allen s exertions. On his return to the College his acquaintance was more than ever sought after. Peter III, husband of the reigning Queen, bestowed on him particular marks of favour. He often admitted him to his private apartments and took great delight in his conversation.

At the public Theses in Philosophy and Theology which were occasionally held in presence of the Court, Allen sometimes stood forth as one -of the disputants, and whenever this was the case, he was ever received with applause.

On one occasion of a public disputation, though not held in the presence of the Court, the Thesis to be defended had, as was the custom, been distributed among the various religious houses of Lisbon, each of which generally sent two of its ablest members. On this occasion the College had been omitted in the distribution on the ground, as was stated by the Professor, "that it was too insignificant for notice." This remark reached, accidentally, the ears of the President who, jealous of the honour of Alma Mater, instructed Allen to enter as one of the disputants. Accordingly on the day appointed, he repaired to the place of disputation with his friend