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mCLUDmO A DESCRIPTION OP Mt ^mM (S%nxtJx 0f ^t ^nAuw'fi ^ntUmA, ST. ANFS CHAPEL, THE BISHOPS PAUCE, Am OTHER PLACES OF HISTORIC INTEREST IN THE NEIGHBOURHOOD; BY MATTHEW RICHLEY. <$t»MIijSM with SfUtl (Anpixvinpy ifit-Mmilits of tht W^ttilh %t%i$tmf &c. "When a man sits down to write a history, though it be but the history of Jack Hickathrift or Tom Thumb, he knows no more than his heels what lets and confounded hindrances he is to meet with in his way, or what a dance he may be led by one excursion pr another, before all is over. .... He will, moreover, have various accounts to reconcile ; anecdotes to pick up ; inscriptions to make out ; stories to weave in ; traditions to sift ; personages to call upon ; panegyrics to paste up at this door ; pasquinades at that .... To sum up all ; there are archives at every stage to be looked into, and rolls, records, documents, and endless genealogies, which justice ever and anon calls him back to stay the reading of — ia short, there is no end of it** — Stsrnib. PRINTED AND PUBLISHED BY W. J. CUMMINS, 53, MARKET PLACE. . Digitized by /Google