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724 BENGALI LANGUAGE & LITERATURE. [ Chap. By whatever name one calls you, you seem to be pleased with it. The Burmese call you Phara; the Europeans call you Lord; the Saiyads, the Pathanas and the Moguls call you Khoda. The Caktas know you as Giver of all strength. The Caivas call you Civa. The Sauras call you Sun. The Vaisnavas worship you as Radhika. You are Ganega to Ganapatyas, Kuvera of the Yaksas, Vicvakarma of the artisan class ; and Bador of the boatmen. Says Ramadulal, this is no miracle ;— it is quite true that my mind has become debased by thinking the one supreme god to be many.”

O lV. The yatras or popular theatres. Unlike the 202) a yatra-party consists of male performers only, the part of women being performed generally by youths. The old yatras were a sort of melodrama,* the dialogues being mainly conducted in songs. There was no scenic representation of any kind. On the bare ground, a large carpet was spread, and the actors appeared upon it, all at one time. They usually began their performance by playing on musical instruments only, unaccompanied by any vocal music. The deep voiced &ho/ accompanied by the shrill clang of the &arta/ produced a loud musical chord which summoned the people of

  • This word is used in its technical, not popular, sense.