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Information of the Plot given to Caernaarthen 110
Arrest of Preston and his Companions 111
William's Voyage to Holland 113
William's Entrance into the Hague 115
Congress at the Hague 117
William his own Minister for Foreign Affairs 119
William obtains a Toleration for the Waldenses 122
Vices inherent in the nature of Coalitions 123
Siege and Fall of Mons 124
William returns to England; Trials of Preston and Ashton 125
Execution of Ashton; Preston's Irresolution and Confessions 128
Lenity shown to the Conspirators; Dartmouth 130
Turner 132
Penn; Death of George Fox: his Character 132
Interview between Penn and Sidney 138
Preston pardoned 139
Joy of the Jacobites at the Fall of Mons 140
The vacant Sees filled 141
Tillotson Archbishop of Canterbury 142
Conduct of Sancroft 145
Difference between Sancroft and Ken 146
Hatred of Sancroft to the Established Church. He provides for the Episcopal Succession among the Nonjurors 147
The New Bishops 149
Sherlock, Dean of Saint Paul's 150
Treachery of some of William's Servants 157
Russell 159
Godolphin 160
Marlborough 162
William returns to the Continent 166
The Campaign of 1691 in Flanders 168
The War in Ireland; State of the English Part of Ireland 169
State of the part of Ireland which was subject to James 173
Dissensions among the Irish at Limerick 176 176
Return of Tyrconnel to Ireland 178
Arrival of a French fleet at Limerick; Saint Ruth 179
The English take the Field; Fall of Ballymore; Siege and fall of Athlone 181