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Conduct of Russell 304
A Daughter born to James; Preparations made in England to Repel Invasion 307
James goes down to his Army at La Hogue 308
James's Declaration 309
Effect produced by James's Declaration 311
The English and Dutch fleets join; Temper of the English Fleet 315
Battle of La Hogue 317
Rejoicings in England 321
Young's Plot 321
Foreign Policy of William 335
The Northern powers 336
The Pope; Conduct of the Allies 307
The Emperor; Spain 340
William succeeds in preventing the Dissolution of the Coalition 341
New Arrangements for the Government of the Spanish Netherlands 344
Lewis takes the field 345
Siege of Namur 346
Lewis returns to Versailles; Luxemburg 351
Battle of Steinkirk 354
Conspiracy of Grandval 360
Return of William to England 363
Naval Maladministration 364
Earthquake at Port Royal; Distress in England 367
Increase of Crime 368
Meeting of Parliament; State of Parties; The King's Speech 371
Question of Privilege raised by the Lords; Debates on the State of the Nation 373
Bill for the Regulation of Trials in Cases of Treason 380
Case of Lord Mohun 381
Debates on the India Trade; Supply 384
Ways and Means; Land Tax 385
Origin of the National Debt 390
Parliamentary Reform 401