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Tyrol, movement in, against Napoleonic institutions, a national one, 281

Ultramontane school, eminent writers of. two peculiarities of, 451 supersession of. 452 Ultramontanism, see also Döllinger extreme. considered to be keystone of the Church, by Lamennais. 4 62 -3 United States, see America Unity, aimed at, by English Catholics, 43 8 change of constitution effected by, in Italy and Germany, 225 of faith in France, enforcement of, aim of the Court. 117 liberty sacrificed to. by Machiavelli. 229 in relation to nationality, 287, 289 and religious liberty. incompatibility of, frequent, 252 necessity for. in Church and State, 25 2 religious, in relation to religious freedom, 152 Universal suffrage, of what school the triumph, 590 University of Paris and the Inquisition, 57 0 Ussher, Archbishop. adyocate of passive obedience to kings. 47 Utilitarianism in classical ages. 17 Utrecht Psalter, story of, 551

Vaissète, 565 Valois, Margaret of. see Navarre, Queen of Vasari. paintings by, in the Sixtine Chapel. of the l\1assacre of 8t, Bartholomew. 135 Vatican Council, 43 1 , 492-550 constitution of, 501-1 I convened by Pius IX., 492; appro- bation of Pius IX, I S action in convening, 492- 5II decree of, dissatisfaction with, 531 discussion on validity of dicta of, 548 Infallibility. doctrine of. its victory over opposition, 543 letter from German bishops to. on doctrinal points, 517 methods of, reformed to involve admission of Papal Infallibility. 539 opening of, 51 I opposition at, 49 2 -5 11 , 525-9 preparations for, 492-51 I proceedings of. 527- 50


programme of. discussed in The Re- form of the Church in its Head and JJ.1embers, 494-6 representation on :- by Belgium. 507 by England, 506 by France. 504 by Germany, 505 by Italy. 508 by Portugal. 507 by Spain. 507 Strossmayer prevented by. from pro- testing, 541 Vaticinia PontiJicum, Lea's knowledge of. 560 Vauban. Marshal, 48 Vaudois. the, of Provence, extermination of, by Louis XII,. 217 Vavasour. Sir Edward, acquaintance of. with Döllinger, 388 Venice. extinction of, as State. 283 Dot surprised by the Massacre of St, Bartholomew. 109; the event celebrated at, 125 and political murders, 213. 214 withdrawal of. from the League, 105. 10 7 republic of. nature, 49 Vergennes, cited on political judgment. 227 Vergniaud, on the laws in relation to the will of the people, 276 Verona, centre of historical work, 387 Vespucci. 562 Veuillot, Louis, Döllinger on, 428 and the Droit du Seigneur, 566 Montalembert. cited on. 428 Vico. 590 Vienna. Congress of. dynastic interests predominant at, 282-3 effects of, on ideas of nationality. 283 Vienne, Inquisition at. and Servetus. 18 4 Villari, admiration of Machiavelli. 226 Vinet, 591 Virginia and Maryland. 187 Visconti family, models for Machiavelli. 212 Vitae Paþarum Avenionensium, utilised by Lea and others, 559 Vives. toleration taught by. 570 Voltaire. profane criticism of. 218

Waldenses, analogy of Arnold of Brescia with. 559 why they opposed persecution. 563 Waldus, 558 Walpole, Horace, cited on politica1 scruples. 219