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Cattle, 18

Stolen from Virata by princes of Has-

tinapura, 108
Causation, according to Sankhya philos-
ophy, 255-256
Cause and effect, in Nyaya philosophy,
Ceylon, discovery of, 203

Believed to have been invaded by the
Pandavas, 106
A resort of Hindu traders, 185
Known to Megasthenes and .Mian, 207
Converted to Buddhism, 320
Twice conquered by the Dravidians,

Chaitri, a rite performed in the month of
Chaitra, 262

Chandalas explained as a caste, 231

Chandragupta, empire of, included whole

of Northern India, 204

Army of, 204

Chaturmasya, a sacrifice, 162

Chera, Hindu kingdom, 185, 203

Chhandogya, extracts from, 174-175

Child, rites performed at birth of, 246

Name of, 246
First feeding of, with solid food, 246-
Marriage unknown in Brahmanic and
Epic periods, 164
Marriage not prevalent in Philosophic

Age, 239

Children, desire for, 166

China, Buddhism state religion in, in

fourth century A. D., 280
Buddhist books in, about the second

century, 322

Chola, Hindu kingdom, 185, 203

Chullavagga, translation from, 283

Chumbala, a river, 129

Churning of the ocean of milk, 26

Civilization, Hindu, age of, 1

Aryan, higher state of, 7
Extension of, 36
Development of, in Brahmanic period,
Advance of, among Hindus, 133

In the time of Baudhayana, 201
Coherence, category of, in Vaisesika phi-
losophy, 266

Commerce in the Eig-Veda, 18

Conquests, Aryan, determined by course

of river systems of Northern India,


Corn, preparation of, 8

Coronation of Yudhishthira, 106

Ceremony described in the Aitareya
Brahmana, 131-132
Ceremony described in the White Ta-

jur-Veda, 132-133
Corpses burned and ashes buried in Epic
period, 166

Cosyri, a Hindu tribe, 206

Council, first Buddhist, at Rajagriha, 281

Second Buddhist, at Vaisali, 281
Third Buddhist, at Patna, 281
Of Rajagriha, 318
At Vaisali, 318-319

Third, at Pataliputra, 319
Creation, two hymns on, 78-80

Legends of, 167-168
Extracts from the Upanishads con-
cerning, 176-178
Extracts in the Aitareya Aranyaka

concerning, 178

{{Cremation, hymn on, 60
Among the Hindus, 165
Of Buddha, 302 }}

Crimes, agrarian, severe punishment of,
Criminals tried by the ordeal of fire, 166,

Cultivation in Ancient India, 216


Dadhikra, a deified war-horse, 29

Daiva marriage, 238

Dandaka, a forest, 120

Darsa-purnamasa, a sacrifice performed

on the first day after the full and new

moon, 162
Dasaratha, king of the Kosalas, 119
Death of, 120
Dasyus, 33

Reference in Rig-Veda to habitation of,

Debate between a woman and a priest, 163

Deccan, 126

Hinduized, 203
Delhi, central district of Kuru kingdom,

Devadatta, convert to Buddhism, 293, 295

Devas, 10
Worshippers of the, 10
Dhammapada, Buddhist work, extracts
from, 317
Dharma Sutras, theme and value of, 189
Source of Manu's code, 189-190
Dhrishtadyumna, brother of Draupadi,
Dhritarashtra, grandson of Santanu, 101
Father of Duryodhana, 104

Dyu, primitive sky-god, 63

Digambaras, Jain sect, 323-324

Dighavu and Brahmadatta, parable of,

Dirghatamas, a Brahman . 132

Dissensions, domestic, 67

Doab, entry of the Kurus into the, 83