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Bhil Tantia in our own times, harassed the peaceful villages of Central India.

Other passages alluding to these early struggles read as follows:—

"Indra protects his Arya worshipper in wars. He who protects him on countless occasions, protects him in all wars. He subdues the people who do not perform sacrifices for the benefit of men. He flays the enemy of his black skin and kills him and reduces him to ashes. He burns down all who do injury and all who are cruel."

"O destroyer of foes! collect together the heads of these marauding troops, and crush them with thy wide foot! Thy foot is wide!

"O Indra! destroy the power of these marauding troops! Throw them into the vile pit the vast and vile pit!

"O Indra! thou hast destroyed three times fifty such troops! People extol this thy deed, but it is nothing compared to thy prowess!

"O Indra! destroy the Pishachis, who are reddish in appearance and utter fearful yells. Destroy all these Rakshasas.

"O Indra! the poet prays to thee for pleasant food. Thou hast made the earth the bed (burial-ground) of the Dasas. Indra has beautified the three regions with his gifts; he has slain Kuyavacha for King Daryori.

"O Indra! Seers still extol that ancient deed of prowess! Thou hast destroyed many marauders to put an end to war; thou hast stormed the towns of enemies