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"The wily foes planned destruction and broke down the embankment of the Adina (to cause an inundation). But Sudas filled the earth with his prowess, and Kavi, the son of Chayamana, fell like a victim.

"For the waters of the river flowed through their old channel and did not take a new course; and Sudas's horse marched over the country. Indra placed the hostile and talkative men and their children under Sudas.

"Sudas earned glory by killing twenty-one men of both regions. As the young priest cuts the kusa grass in the house of sacrifice, even so Sudas cut his enemies. The hero Indra sent the Maruts for his succour.

"The sixty-six thousand six hundred and sixty-six warriors of Ami and Druhya, who had desired cattle and were hostile to Sudas, were laid low. These deeds proclaim the glory of Indra!"

Another hymn relating to Sudas runs thus:—

"O Indra and Varuna! Your worshippers, relying on your help and seeking to win cattle, have marched eastwards with their weapons. Crush, Indra and Varuna, your enemies, whether Dasas or Aryas, and defend Sudas with your protection.

"Where men raise their banners and meet in battle, where nothing seems to favour us, where the men look up to the sky and tremble, there, Indra and Varuna! help us and speak to us words of comfort.

"O Indra and Varuna! the ends of the earth seem to be lost, and the noise ascends to the skies! The troops of the enemy are approaching. O Indra and