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nothing but drill and sickness to vary the depressing monotony. Many died and many contracted disease which caused their discharge. In September the regiment participated with Rosecrans’ army in the bloody Battle of Iuka, where it repulsed two separate charges of Texas regiments and won special commendation of the commanding general. In the desperate two day’s Battle of Corinth which soon followed, the Tenth, under Major McCalla, in General Sullivan’s Brigade, made a most gallant fight, of which Major McCalla says in his report:

“During both days I was assisted in the field by Captain N. A. Holson, acting lieutenant-colonel; Captain Jackson Orr, acting major; and Lieutenant William Manning, adjutant; who acted throughout with great coolness and courage and to whom large credit is due. The line officers without exception deported themselves with great gallantry, and to the men under my command too much praise cannot be given for their courage, endurance and strict obedience to orders.”

The regiment lost three killed and thirty-seven wounded, among the latter was Captain Albert Head.

The regiment was with General Grant in the Oxford campaign and later at Memphis, where it went into winter quarters. Colonel Purczel had resigned in November, 1862, and was succeeded by Lieutenant-Colonel Small. Major Bennett had resigned in November, 1862, and was succeeded by Lieutenant-Colonel Small. Major Bennett had resigned in January of the same year, and Captain McCalla was promoted to the vacancy. Dr. Davis resigned in April, and R. J. Mohr was appointed surgeon. Adjutant Jackson also resigned in April and was succeeded by Lieutenant John Delahayed. The next active service of the Tenth was under General Quimby against Fort Pemberton which was bombarded for several days without success. The regiment soon after joined General Grant’s army at Milliken’s Bend, and was in the great campaign which captured Vicksburg. In this campaign the Tenth Iowa bore a conspicuous part, fighting bravely at Raymond on the 12th, at Jackson on the 14th and at Champion’s Hill on the 16th of May. General