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for Thomas his son, who had married Anne, one of the two daughters and coheirs of Tho. Conyers, Esq. his brother; he died in 1483: "And in 1499, Thomas Spelman, Gentylman, of "Mekyll Elyngham" held it of Shropham hundred, who died seized, and by his will dated this year, ordered to be buried in the church, to which he gave 20l. for a suit of vestments, "and to the gild of our Lady, in honowr and worschypp of her v. joyes, 5s. to St. James's gild 10s. and to St. Peter's 6s. 8d." to Anne his wife the manor of Chervells in Bichamwell, till John his son was 21 years old, to Henry his son, and Elizabeth his daughter 100 marks each, to Anne his wife, the manor of Berryhall in Elyngham, and after her decease to his son John in fee tale, who died under age, and Henry his brother inherited; he died without issue in 1525, and was buried here, by Anne his mother, upon which, this manor went to Anthony Gourney, Esq. of North Barsham, in right of Margaret his wife, one of the daughters and coheirs of Sir Robert Lovell, by Ela Conyers his wife, who was sister to Anne Coniers, mother to Henry Spelman; but Berryhall went to the heirs of William De-Grey of Merton, in right of Christian his wife, the daughter and coheir of Thomas Manning, as you may see under Buryhall manor. Francis Gurney, son of Anth. Gourney of Elyngham, Esq. married Helen, daughter of Robert Holdiche of Ranworth, Esq. and died before his father, leaving Henry Gurney, Esq. his son and heir, who held Irsted manor of the Bishop Norwich, Elingham manor of the Lord Bardolf's heirs, West Barsham of the manor of Castle-Acre, by one fee, Gurney's manor in Hingham, of the heirs of Henry Lord Morley, as of his manor of Hingham, and the advowson of the third part of Attleburgh; he was lord in 1572, and at his death it went to Edm. Gurney, Esq. his son and heir, who died seized in 1641, and left Henry his son and heir, then nine years old, who died without issue, and it went to Margaret Gurney, his aunt, who married Mr. Henry Davy of Great Elingham, whose sole daughter and heiress, Mary, married Sir Roger Potts, Bart. of Great Elingham and Mannington, who sold it to Mr. Francis Colman of Norwich, the present lord, who now dwells in the manor-house called Ellingham Hall.

The Customs of this manor are, that the eldest son is heir; it is set fine at 3s. an acre, and there are very considerable barley rents paid in kind, if the lord does not choose to compound for them. The leet belongs to the hundred, the leet fee being 3s. 6d. 3q. as the hundred-roll informs me.

Burgh Hall, or Berry Hall Manor

At the conquest belonged to Robert de Beaufo; the soke of it was then appendant to the hundred, as it now is, there being no leet; it afterwards belonged to the lords of Bukenham castle, and was part of