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ness lost through business reverse, and the resort of a desponding man to the only relief from his misfortune and ill-luck: the revolver.

Let me say in behalf of Schultz that he was no coward, that he did not give up immediately, but on the contrary, strove hard to regain his lost fortune, but, as always happens in such cases, Schultz was down and his erstwhile friends were doing their best to keep him there. After his death, some people realizing what they had lost, spoke of erecting a monument to his memory but this only ended in talk, and now the name "Schultz" is but a memory.

When Schultz began building in 1889-90, lots on Spring street sold for seven and eight hundred dollars, and in side streets as low as three hundred dollars.

Another man who has done much, and is still doing so, for our town, is our present worthy mayor, Mr. Geo. B. Bergkamp. Many a fine residence in the Second Ward of our town owes its existence to his energy as a builder and business man. Up to date he has erected more than sixty houses in the Second Ward.

The part of the town near the present car stables was since 1857 known by the name of Bonnsville. It took its name from John H. Bonn, who purchased the tract and cut it up in building lots. When the car stables were erected many of the employers purchased these lots and erected small homes on them so as to be near their work.

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