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Records of Civilization SOURCES AND STUDIES Edited by JAMES T. SHOTWELL (Numbers marked with an asterisk have already appeared ;^he others are in preparation.) THE HISTORY OF HISTORY; DOCUMENTS AND COMMEN- TARY. By James T. Shotwell, Ph.D., Professor of History in Columbia University.

  • HELLENIC CIVILIZATION. By G. W. Botsford, Ph.D., Professor

of History in Columbia University, and E. G. Sihler, Ph.D., Professor of the Latin Language and Literature in New York Uni- versity. 8vo, cloth, pp. xiii + 719. Price, $3.75 net. THE RECORDS OF THE JEWS ; OLD TESTAMENT LITERATURE. By Julius A. Bewer, Ph.D., Professor of Old Testament Exegesis in Union Theological Seminary. 1. Historical and Legal Books. 2. Prophetic Books. 3. Poetic and Didactic Books. THE EARLY RECORDS OF CHRISTIANITY. By HAROLD H. Tryon, M.A., B.D., Instructor in New Testament and Church History in Union Theological Seminary. 1. The Gospels. 2. The Primitive Church and the Pauline Mission. 3. The Developing Organization. 4. Christian Prophecy. 5. Early Apologies. RELIGIONS OF THE HELLENISTIC PERIOD. By Harold H. Tryon, M.A., B.D. 1. The Mysteries. 2. The Cult of the Emperors. PERSIAN AND HINDU DOCUMENTS. By A. V. W. Jackson, Ph.D., Professor of Indo-Iranian Languages in Columbia University, and E. W. Hopkins, Ph.D., Professor of Sanskrit in Yale University. CHRONICLERS AND CHRONOLOGY. By James T. Shotwell. 1. The Chronicle of Eusebius.