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subject of a song—which, as being the real baptism of the future instrument, is worth quoting:—

"Sur l'inimitable Machine du Médecin Guillotin, propre à couper les têtes, et dite de son nom Guillotine.

Imagine, un beau matin,
Que pendre est inhumain
 Et peu patriotique;
  Il lui fait
  Un supplice
Qui sans corde ni poteau,
Supprime du bourreau

  Le Romain
  Qui s'apprête,
Consulte gens du métier—
Barnave et Chapelier,
 Même Coupe-tête;—
  Et sa main
  Fait soudain
  La machine,
Qui 'simplement' nous tuera,
Et que l'on nommera

It is singular enough that this song should have given its immortal name to the instrument three years before it actually existed; but it is also remarkable in another way—"Barnave and Chapelier" were two of the most violent democratic members