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Original Tombstone in Copper—One foot six inches in height, with Dickens's own description of the bird "Dick," buried at Gad's Hill 54
Letter Written by Mme. Perugini (Dickens's Daughter)—Addressed to Mr. Sessler, telling the story of the tombstone; how his sister-in-law, Miss Hogarth, took it with her when she left Gad's Hill. This letter is also signed by Miss Hogarth. It was given to Mr. Charles Sessler in September, 1913. Now first published 54
Notice of Penalties for Offences in Lincoln's Inn Fields—In the year 1805 88
Carte-de-Visite Photograph of Dickens—Taken in Philadelphia, at the time of his readings there, and now first published 124

The documents and photographs, with the exception of the reproduction facing page 88, are from the collection of Mr. Charles Sessler, of Philadelphia, Pa., and are reproduced here through his courtesy.