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little man; 'you are intoxicated now, Sir; you shall hear from me in the morning, Sir. I shall find you out, Sir; I shall find you out'

"'Rather you found me out than found me at home' replied the unmoved stranger."

And then the duel when the irate doctor discovers he had challenged the wrong man.

"'What's all this?' said Doctor Slammer, as his friend and Mr. Snodgrass came running up—'That's not the man.'

"'Not the man!' said Doctor Slammer's second.

"'Not the man!' said Mr. Snodgrass.

"'Not the man!' said the gentleman with the camp-stool in his hand.

'"Certainly not' replied the little Doctor. 'That's not the person who insulted me last night.'

"'Very extraordinary!' exclaimed the officer.

"'Very,' said the gentleman with the camp-stool.…

"Now Mr. Winkle had opened his eyes. … 'I am not the person. I know it.'

"'Then, that,' said the man with the camp-stool, 'is an affront to Doctor Slammer, 'and a sufficient reason for proceeding immediately.'

"'Pray be quiet, Payne,' said the Doctor's second. 'Why did you not communicate this fact to me, this morning, Sir?'

"'To be sure—to be sure.' said the man with the campstool, indignantly.

"'I entreat you to be quiet, Payne,' said the other. 'May I repeat my question, Sir?'