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Hallen and Fitzwygram's Method. Its Disadvantages. Mayor's Patent Shoe.

Modern Farriery in France. Podometric Shoeing. The ‘Ferrure à Froid’ and ‘Ferrure à Chaud.’ Conflicting Evidence. Evils of Cold-fitting. Interesting Experiments. Conclusions. New Inventions. Sanfarouche. Anti-slipping Shoes. The ‘Ferrure Watrin.’ Naudin and Benjamin's Methods. Machine-made Shoes in France. The ‘Periplantaire’ or ‘Charlier’ Method of Shoeing. Its Description. M. Charlier's Account. Practice of Shoeing. Tools, and Fabrication of the Shoe. Its Application. Discussions. Modifications and Results. Shoeing in England. The latest Novelty. The Transatlantic ‘Invention.’ Its Admirers and Success. Steel-faced Shoes.
Importance of Shoeing to Civilization. The Greeks and Romans. Inconveniences attending the Employment of Unshod Animals. Roads and Cities. Manual Labour. Introduction of Shoeing and its Effects. Various Breeds of Horses. Changes in the Art of War. Increase in Cavalry. Armour. Riding Double. Heavy Equipment. Increasing Importance of Shoeing. Examples. Napoleon's Retreat from Moscow. Danish Retreat from Schleswig. Farriers' Strike in Paris.

Progress of the Art of Farriery. Futile Attempts to Improve it. Disadvantages of Shoeing. Functions of the Foot to be Studied. Advantages of the Ancient System. German Shoeing and Hoof-paring. Its Evil Results. Traditional Shoeing. Routine. Erroneous Theories. Maltreatment of the Horse's Foot. Lafosse's Teaching. Requirements of Good Shoeing. Structure and Functions of the Hoof. Bad Shoeing. Rules to be Observed. Best Form of Shoe, and Method of Application. Hereditary Diseases. Shoeing in America and Arabia. Effects of European Shoeing. Dangers of Improper Shoeing. Scientific Application of the Farrier's Art. An Appeal to Horsemen.