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mitted to veterinary surgeon Fischer, of Cessingen, in 1851, who, on examining them, gave it as his opinion that they were 'hippopodes pathologiques,' intended to protect and cure hoofs too much worn, through default of shoeing.[1] This supposed sandal and its mode of attachment were delineated as in the accompanying figures (figs. 112, 113). In 1852–3, the excavations being

Horse shoes and horse shoeing-81.jpg Horse shoes and horse shoeing-80.jpg
fig. 112 fig. 113

continued, with many articles belonging to the Roman period were found one ordinary shoe and several of the so-called pathological ƒers. One of these belonged to the first description, but no horse's foot, so far as I am aware, was attempted to be fitted into it (fig. 114).[2]

In 1854–5, it is again reported that a new form of hipposandal had been discovered, accompanied by another belonging to the second category.[3]

Horse shoes and horse shoeing-82.jpg
fig. 114

Allusion is made to the former discoveries: 'Besides some ordinary shoes, there

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