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Horse shoes and horse shoeing-86.jpg
fig. 118
Horse shoes and horse shoeing-87.jpg
fig. 119

The instrument found at Chateau Beauregard, Hautes-Pyrénées, and now in the Cluny Museum, belongs to the first class (figs. 118, 119), and is shown here in profile, as well as upper face. One of those discovered at Vieil-Evreux is also figured (fig. 120), and agrees with fig. 115 found at Dalheim. Of a more peculiar shape, but yet evidently intended for the same purpose, are two of the number recovered at Remennecourt, and delineated by M. de Widrange, an antiquarian of Bar-le-Duc (figs. 121, 122).

Horse shoes and horse shoeing-88.jpg
fig. 118

Figure 121 is remarkable for its possessing no rings or ears, or anything by which it could be attached to the hoof, supposing it to have been in-