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the establishment of veterinary schools in france. treatises on shoeing. clumsy specimens of shoes. lafosse, sen., the greatest authority on modern farriery. the evils of shoeing. destructive paring. improved shoeing. the short shoe and the incrusted shoe. opposition of the parisian farriers. lafosse, junior. bourgelat, the founder of the veterinary schools in france. the adjusted shoe. burning the hoofs when fitting the shoes. jeremiah bridges. the influence of locality on the hoofs. the ‘screw’ shoe. numerous diseases of the foot. osmer. complaint against farriers. english shoeing. contracted hoofs. navicular disease. the evils of paring. the seated shoe. just remarks. the use of the rasp. the flat shoe. expansion of the horse's foot. clark's treatise. prejudice against improvements. the earl of pembroke. unshod horses. management of the hoofs. defective shoes. clark's shoe.

In the 18th century, when veterinary schools were established in France, treatises on shoeing were abundantly multiplied. With 'L'Ecole de Cavalerie' of La Guérinière (1733), 'La Parfaite Connaissance des Chevaux' of Saunier (1734), 'Le Nouveau Parfait Maréchal' of Garsault (1755), and others, appears the ' Nouvelle Pratique de Ferrer les Chevaux de Selle et de Carosse' (Paris, 1756) of Lafosse[1] (Maréchal des Petites Ecuries

  1. This excellent essay was translated into English by Braken (who