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A Journal of Information for Writers



Contributions of prominent authors

Articles on story writing

Articles on versification

Articles on marketing manuscripts

Hints on preparing manuscripts

Notes from editors stating needs

Notices of all new publications

Notices of all suspended publications

Notices of all timely editorial needs

Lists of magazines that want manuscripts

Complete monthly report on literary market

Answers to literary queries, departments, etc.

Also conducts a literary bureau under direct supervision of Leslie W. Quirk, in which is offered expert criticism of manuscripts, advice as to strengthening, correcting, revising, mastery of technique, etc., together with a list of magazines, syndicate, or newspaper markets for which each is best adapted. Established 1895.

Sample copy of The Editor, containing more information for writers than any school offers, and full particulars of literary bureau, will be mailed to any address for ten cents.


Editor Publishing Co.

Nassau Street
New York City