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��VOL. I

��napuvatono'idida ci'koT va'mor

that she already will go watching vicinity lake

hu'gid'aM aric.a'pma'citnaka-'t i'ciam.- at shore is well appearing, outspread very

puho'pgivi ha'ba'rrdor naB'oi-

brilliant which-from which hither.

hi'koma ha'ba'irdor nagamiwo'p-govi clouds up which-from which lightnings

na'gamaictuma-'c hog'a hi'kom.-

which appears that cloud

orho'van kira'mi.dor na-var-

within. Then there-from which is

icda-'di va"trtagiDh6'koD a'

health his drizzle with she self

a - 'rgida napubaivada'giuna ho'g'a

will form that he hither already will cleanse that

navar.a'ri'g'it amih&van na'p'uva'sa-'k'im which is his little one. There that she already

goes weeping

na'puga-'gim hoga navar-

that she goes seeking that which is

hoi"gurda - rgaD navaricto'do va'mor.fir her sadness which is green lake within.

napugamivo'cnia napuvaton&idida h6g - a That she will depart that she already will go

seeing that

ci'k'OT totvakwo'pta a'nihfivan

vicinity skies beneath. Hereabouts

napubavako'hirrida ku.anihovan

that she hither already will go treading then here-


ha'cnatpu.o-'imor navard&'irt o-'gaf as that she did walk which is her mother her father.

kirhacmaciMh&'kot- natpuma-'rgida 1 ku- That what appearance with that she did self will-

form, 1 then.

ha''ciM.hft'koD natpubia-'rgi nav- thus appearance with that she did hither form that>

a'rma'raD a'ric.tumso'soi'gim sa'sa'Gsa'gi'D is her child is sad weeping between.

amiho' napuvako' 'hinim napuva-

There that she already treading that she already

1 Probably incorrectly given; future suffix probably superfluous.

��ma'mciria aric.tfid'o cr'hi

will appear is green beautiful

hi'komorho'van napuva.uma"'rgida aric.- cloud within that she already will be formed is=

to'do o-'hi so'so'p navartftio

green beautiful bead which is his garment

ho'ganavar.o'gao ku.a'mi.dor

he that is her father. Then therefrom

napuvaton6idida'viar o - 'hi that she already will go seeing which is gray beautiful

to'vakwofa na'varic.a-'m va'viar o - 'hi sky beneath that is yellow gray beautiful

mai'ngiD'am kuanihonapuvadu'via

his petale on. Then hereabouts that she already

��navaruma-'rgida that she self will form

navarci'cwo'd'adftk'of which are her plumes with.

��vaviar ohi

gray beautiful

ku.a'miho Then there

napuatono'idida va'paviar cv'hi

that already will go seeing gray beautiful

vahak.6r na-puvaho'kodambo'himof

broom within that she with hither having come

va'paviar cr'hi navarci'cwodat

gray beautiful which are her plumes

nahftk'odamda'giuna ku.a'mih6van

that she with self will cleanse. Then there-from

natpuvawu'p-au navardfi'iro o-'gao

that she did them equal! who is her mother, her* father.

��ha'c.macimho'kot What appearance with

kupuma'ciMhfi'k'OD then appearance with

nava'rma'raD who is his child.

��na'tpuvam.a-'rgi that she did already self form,

avi'c.upa'Vak- he also forms

kuamiho'dor Then there-from

��natpugamatono'idida 2 aric.tumaM o-'hi that she did will go seeing 1 is five beautiful

hi'kom.6ra ku.a'mi'dor natpuvam.a-'rgi cloud within. Then there-from that she did*

already self form

1 Probably incorrectly given; future suffix probably superfluous.

�� �