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��VOL. I

��argidimok' aric'i'k'crr na'pugamisa'kim forming. Is vicinity that she weeping

ci'ko'ri'pas na'gamik6hinim a''koT vicinity that she goes treading. Is vicinity

na'pubaivaha'duG na'gamivi'ijgi ari.- that hither already that is all-

ci'ko'ri'pas ha"dor nabihi'komaG hi'kom- around to-from that hither clouds up cloud

sa'git na' < gamiw&pgov vo'p'oigiDa'p'd6'r between that lightnings his paths in-from

��nabaivato'tvak- There-from that-

��nabaiva'trta abimSdo'r that hither already drizzles, hither already skies'"irtak'do ma'indam that hither already drizzles is green petate on

aric.a'pma'c aricto'tgio aricva"irtag 1 is well appearing is his green is drizzly

aric.hadu'Gaf ada'maN ati"am.t6'ka-k is Above she did self place

na'tpubaivad'a'giM nava'rmarat'

that he did hither already sending who is his child.

natpugamaivavom hu"kia mamciM That she did hence already arise so many appearances

hi'komfi'rho'van nap'uvat'on&idim aricta' cloud within that she already beholding is white

cr'hi t6vakw6'ta aricta' o - 'hi

beautiful sky beneath. Is white beautiful

mai'ngiD'aM a'mihfi na'puvadiivia

his petate on there that she already arrives

na'tpuvam.a-'rgi aricta' 'ta rr'hi

that she did already self form is white beautiful

hi'komagido'kot' natpugamai.vatoto'

his cloud with. That she did hither already see

a'ric.tuma'M h&'kia ma-'mciM

is five so many appearances

hi''r kua'mi.dor na'tpuva'tono'idim cloud within. Then there-from that she did"

already beholding

navaricta'ta cr'hi va'ha'k.&ra

that is white beautiful broom within

��amiho' napuamo'riijgim aric.ta'ta

there that she already running. Is white

1 Possibly incorrect, verbal form with nominal stem.

��amih& there

va'pamor.orh&dor Lakes within-from

��o-'hi u"umigido'kof na'puho'kot.-

beautiful his ceremonial arrows with that she-

bama - 'rgidim ku.ami.dor nat-

with hither self forming. Then there-from that

go'k-paN.toto na-puvatotu'gia aric.ta' she did in two places look that she already will= see is white

cr'hi va'mor.fir

beautiful lake within


that she already arrives.

na'puvanvo'riirogim navarvamor hu'- that she already goes running that is lake on

gid'aN napugamasa-'kim arictumsosoi'gim shore that she weeping is pitiful

sa'sa'gio sa-'gio napugama'niok'iM

her tears within that she speaking

napuga'giM navar.ho'i'gur.dargat

that she seeking which is her sadness

navar.dii'uf o-'gat' ku.a'mi.hftdor

who is her mother her father. Then there-from

na'tpuva'm.a-'rgi navaric.da-'dic

that she did already self form which is health

sa'kumgidft'kot na'tpuivo'pmiD navar.- her weeping with. That did raise which are*

ci'cvordat' na'tpugamaivakugat aric'ikor his plumes that did already finish is vicinity

t6tvakw6pta ci"a-rw6ta ba - 'barip

skies beneath east beneath north

hurnip o'gipas ku.amih&dor

west south. Then there-from

pu'iw6mik' na'Varmarat' ida'giuna

raise who is his child will cleanse

navarichfipitkam da'dikam napubovato- which is cold health that he hither already*

to'gio'a'do o - 'hi so'so'p' to see that is green beautiful bead*

will cause

a'tockaraD-am napubava.u'rna

his seat on that he hither already will raise.


ha'pu.pi'cam.a-'gat hapu.tu.6'ip-u ho'g-a Thus also ye were thinking thus walk. That

�� �