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in the frigate Brandywine, on the coast of Europe, and in the Mediterranean. The voyage across the Atlantic was rendered memorable by tempestuous weather, and the presence of General Lafayette as a passenger to France. In 1826 the Brandywine returned to the United States, and Maury was transferred to the sloop of war Vincennes for a cruize around the world. At the expiration of the cruize, he passed with credit the usual examination, and, in 1831, was appointed Master (Navigator) of the sloop of war Falmouth, then fitting out for the Pacific. He did not complete the cruize in this vessel, being transferred to the schooner Dolphin, serving as Acting 1st Lieutenant, until again transferred to the frigate Potomac, in which vessel he returned to the United States in 1834. He then published his first work, Maury's Navigation, which was adopted as a textbook in the Navy.

During this intermission of active service, he was married to Miss Ann Herndon, of Virginia, a sister of the gallant Lieutenant Herndon, of the Navy, who, by his conduct on the occasion of the foundering of the Central America, which vessel he commanded, added another line to the chronicle of naval heroism.