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Academy. He also advocated the establishment of a Navy Yard at Memphis, Tenn.; which was done by Act of Congress. Under his direction, were made at that point, by Lieutenant Marr, since lost at sea, the first series of observations upon the flow of the Mississippi. He proposed a system of observations which would enable the observers to give information, by telegraph, as to the state of the river and its tributaries, to the Captains of steamers, and all others who might be interested. He advocated the enlargement of the Illinois and Michigan Canal, that vessels of war might pass between the Gulf and the Lakes. For this he received the thanks of the Legislature of Illinois. He suggested to Congress, through one of its committees, having charge of the subject, plans for the disposition of the drowned lands along the Mississippi, belonging to the Government; which, as has since become evident, would have been fruitful of good results had they been adopted. In the interests of Commerce, he brought forward and successfully advocated, in a series of papers, what is known as the "Warehousing System."

In 1842, in the 36th year of his age, he was appointed Superintendent of the Depots of Charts and Instruments at Washington. Up to this time the field