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they spread before him, were accompanied by other teachings. Passionately devoted to the study of natural phenomena, seeing in all the guiding hand of the Creator, profoundly conscious of a Ruling Providence, he strove to convey to others knowledge of those things which filled him with admiration and joy—singing ever a song of praise; and by the power of this master mind was there awakened in the sea world a spirit of observation and research, a love of Nature, and a respect for God in His works and Majesty, which those unfamiliar with the sea and its affairs, may hardly be expected to understand.

From one of the many grateful acknowledgments of this influence may be quoted the following, which, while it excites pleasing emotion in the mind of the reader, is in itself an expression of a deeply moved spirit:

"I am happy to contribute my mite towards furnishing you with material to work out still further towards perfection your great and glorious task, not only in pointing out the most speedy routes for ships to pursue over the ocean, but also of teaching us sailors to look about us, and see by what wonderful manifestations of the Great God we are continually