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praise God, as David did, and had it pleased God that his life should be prolonged to complete his Physical Geography, he had intended to make this more prominent still in his last work.

He had prayed that he might retain all his faculties to the last, and that it might be an evidence that all his prayers were answered. He was frequently seen to test the clearness of his mind, and a gratified smile would steal over his face. He had requested his son, Col. Maury to tell him when death was approaching. On the morning of his death, he was asked whether he knew that he was dying. He smiled, and replied, "Yes." "Is all well with you, my father?" He turned upon him a look beaming with the tenderest love, and answered, "All is well!" These were his last words, and although his lips continued to move as if in silent prayer, the motion became feebler and feebler, and then gently as an infant's slumber, his spirit ascended to his God.

Thus peacefully has passed away this profound philosopher and illustrious man—full of years—full of honors—full of fame—of fame beyond the wildest dreams his youthful ambition had ever pictured! But amid all the homage of the world, and all the plaudits