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lis; to the several Universities and Colleges of Virginia and of the United States; to the Representatives of Foreign Governments to the United States; to the Scientific Societies of the United States and of Europe, of which the deceased was a member; to the University of Cambridge, England; to the several Chambers of Commerce of the United States; to the Agricultural Congress of the U. S.; and to the Agricultural Societies of Virginia, Missouri, Tennessee, Georgia, Mississippi, and North Carolina, the Seaboard Agricultural Society of Norfolk, and to the Massachusetts Agricultural Society, at Norfolk, Mass.; and also to Commodore Jansen, Delft, Holland, John Laird, Esq., M. P., Rev. Mr. Tremlett, London, England.

Virginia Military Institute,
February 1, 1873.

To the President of the United States,
Washington City, D. C.

Superintendent M. F. Maury, formerly of National Observatory, and late Professor of Physics, in Virginia Military Institute, died at 12:30 to-day. The distinguished scientific position of the deceased, and his world wide fame, make his death an event of more than