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Superintendent's Office,
Virginia Military Institute,

4 p.m., February 1, 1873.

The Academic Board met at the call of the Acting Superintendent; present. Col. J. T. L. Preston, Act'g Supt.; Col. T. H. Williamson, Col. R. L. Madison, Col. S. Ship, Col. Wm. B. Blair, Col. John M. Brooke, Col. M. M'Donald, Col. M. D. Hardin, Col. T. M. Semmes, Col. W. E. Cutshaw, and Col. J. W. Lyell. Absent on public duty. Gen. F. H. Smith, Supt.

The Acting Superintendent read the following General Orders:


Virginia Military Institute,

February 1, 1873.

General Orders,
No. 5.

I. It is with feelings of profound solemnity, that the Acting Superintendent announces to the Officers of the Institute and the Corps of Cadets, the death of Commodore M. F. Maury, LL.D., Professor of Physics in the Virginia Military Institute.